Monday, April 23, 2012


Losing weight the right way

Hey there ya'll ! :) Yes I said ya'll. I am from the south. Anyways I am fairly new to this blogging. How ever I do know a lot about fitness, weight loss and nutrition, thanks to the wonderful fact that my hubby has his degree in personal training and nutrition!I've done this diet and eating right the right way. In 2009 my husband and I actually ordered the program "P90x".

We watched all the commercials and we were really impressed! No this blog isn't about promoting P90x. I just wanted to give some ideas and advice, to those who need it. Back to the work out program - so we got it in, did the whole program and saw amazing results quick. You just become addicted to the feeling of putting hard work in day in and out and not to mention feeling every muscle in your body get toned!!! At first you are really sore, but as the days go by your body adjusts. It's pretty amazing. I started eating right as well. Oatmeal and eggs for breakfast.

All about the diet

You can of course switch to your preference. Eggs with low fat yogurt or any combo but stick w two. Lunch and dinner : chicken w salad and tomatoes, Also Tuna, nuts, fish, healthy snacks such a protein bars. Fruits and veggies , protein shakes. All this is pretty much common sense. Just watch your carb in take . You can have carbohydrates , The GOOD carbohydrates. I love the salads, chicken, tuna, fruit, veggies, oatmeal, yogurt, lettuce , protein shakes and juicing!!!Let me tell you, i started incorporating pure veggie and fruit juice in my diet, and I feel like a MILLION bucks!! My husband ordered me the Breville Juicer online.

America and obesity

We got an awesome deal, I guess we ordered at the right time. I checked back and they had marked them up. I was like wow!!!! There is so much demand right now for juicers bc everyone is getting into it!!! It's crazy, a good crazy I believe. You look around and we wonder why our COUNTRY has so much OBESITY . Well I'm pretty sure 2,000 years ago we didn't have Mcdonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, ect. All these fast food restaurants. I'm not saying I don't go every now and then. I am just saying to many of us do it everyday and that is a BAD THING. I watched a documentary on t.v. called "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead", and it opened my eyes so much. It's scary. I encourage ya'll to rent it. Well I use my Breville and I absolutely love it.

You don't have to order that one specifically, but I wouldn't recommend going with one to cheap either! You do want something of good quality, that way you get most of the nutrients out of all your vegetables and fruits. So with working out with my P90x program, eating more healthier and juicing, I am telling ya'll it has changed my life. I feel so good! I have noticed my energy has stayed at a normal even level through out my whole day. That is definitely something I need, I do have two boys that keep me going!! (lol) Just to let ya'll know they sell out of the Breville a lot! I will post all of the things in here that I have talked about! As a mother of two kids and taking care of my family, cooking cleaning, being the housewife, I feel amazing doing all these things!

Stay motivated and stick with it

I lost 50 pounds in 2009. I had my youngest son in October of 2010. I do have a little more weight I would like to lose. I am getting there !!! All you have to do is just set your mind to it, say I'm not gonna make excuses, if i keeping saying I'll do it tomorrow then tomorrow will come and its another day your not happy. Your are feeling horrible in your clothes and just grumpy because your holding your self back! Not to mention your health. There are so many health risks with not taking what your consuming in your body seriously!

I hope I helped anyone who is feeling down about their weight. It can happen to the best of us! Life gets hard, we get stressed and what do we do??? We go to food! I can say I was one of those ppl and ever so often I do. I am guilty.You aren't alone, If you set your mind to it you can do it. When you feel weak just think positives things and say I can do this! Wake up each and everyday thinking is one day. Let me tackle today and not worry about tomorrow! Ill focus on tomorrow when tomorrow comes :) I have aot of other things to talk about and that's why I can write a lot more other blogs! Yay! Hope you guyz that are reading this one will follow me along and I thank you all for reading this post!!!! The picture below is me holding my niece and my completion of P90x !!! =)


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